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We all marvel at the way professional basket ball players are able to slam dunk perfectly by jumping incredibly high each and every time they pass the ball through the high net. It seems almost impossible that a human being given the strong force of gravity can manage to jump upwards and outwards so high. This becomes possible with professional training that is specifically focused on vertical explosion. The Jump Manual is an excellent training program designed to deliver literally higher results the more it is used. Jumping off the ground for any serious athlete who needs to gain an edge over their competitors, is an art that can be honed and improved over time until it becomes a distinct advantage.  Visit the Official Jump Manual Website here: Click Here for the Jump Manual

Any athlete who wants to increase their upward mobility by 10-25 inches can easily achieve it as long as they stick with the Jump Manual training program. This training program comes in form of a software program that is compatible with all the major computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac among others. The all round training program provided by Jump Manual covers areas such as full work out schedules and visual training videos that outline how complicated exercises are completed. Also included within the Jump Manual training system is a nutritional plan which is designed for enhancing the gains made as the training progresses and email advice provided through the one-to-one training approach provided for those with specific concerns that need to be addressed. Since many participants may not have a well equipped weight room, effective alternatives are provided within the Jump Manual training system that deliver the same results.

The Jump Manual Training Software


Using the Jump Manual training software is not a solitary experience because within the training program users can interact with enthusiasts within the training forum, see interviews conducted with some of the best NBA coaches, get to hear tips from professionally Jump Manualtrained athletes and coaches responsible for shooting balls used for many games like basket ball or volley ball. The lingo used in the Jump Manual training program is made easier by referring to the glossary of vocabulary used for training and also tips on how improving the physical form can work miracles in making significant strides. This is just a tip of iceberg that is the Jump Manual training software system.

Utilizing the Jump Manual training program does not only improve the vertical upward mobility but also increases the speed of the movement. This is crucial for games that rely on both speed and mobility for players to win by significant margins over their competitors. The skills learnt through using the Jump Manual training program go a long way for teams that compete within tournaments held periodically during the year where being second best is just not good enough. It is not only professional athletes who can benefit from the Jump Manual training program but anybody who wants  to improve their physical attributes and abilities.

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The Jump Manual Sports Training

For those doing recreational sports involving jumping, the Jump Manual training system can be useful in helping them improve the total number of inches which they can jump higher. The Jump Manual experts stipulate that anyone who has not reached a vertical explosion of between 40-50 inches has not even begun jumping yet. This is because we are all genetically predisposed to jump quite high despite our limiting personal beliefs. The best way for a person to learn how to jump correctly is by going through the Jump Manual training program. For the best results, the Jump Manual training program can be started from as early as 12 years of age and can be continued up to the age of mid forties. This is irrespective of height, nationality or geographical location.

The core of the Jump Manual training program involves an all round approach to jumping. Unlike other jump training programs, the Jump Manual training program combines all the aspects needed to make the difference in the critical extra inches required to make the winning jump. The main areas that the Jump Manual focuses which are neglected by other training programs include optimum diets for quick muscle injury recovery, clear understanding of training methodologies, demystifying plyometrics,  the input of resistance training, involving little used muscle groups in the body than can make the jump memorable, enhancing muscle flexibility and learning about the body’s muscles and how they come together to provide upward mobility that can leave others gasping in surprise.

The Jump Manual – What’s Inside?

Jump Manual Training Videos

Training Videos

The Jump Manual training program has many followers and the countless testimonials provided for new users further goes to show the success of this program over time. Both professionals and non professional alike provide the results of their astounding accomplishments and their enthusiasm in recommending this program to anybody brave enough to try it. Anybody willing to embark on the Jump Manual journey has up to 60 days free access provided to assist them to see whether it is a perfect fit for them. This also includes up to 30 days free one-to-one coaching from some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry.

The Final Verdict

The Jump Manual training program is results oriented because if used correctly, positive results can be expected from the first week onwards. Testimonials have reported gains of about an inch a week but this largely depends on each particular athlete, their physical form and their surrounding environment. The Jump Manual training program, like any other physical training program, is not dangerous as long as it is followed correctly and sequentially over time allowing the body to become stronger and faster gradually. The beauty of the Jump Manual training program is that it shows its trainees how to get stronger over time using a combination of good nutrition, daily workouts and advice from the best in the land. With the Jump Manual training program a trainee does not need to buy unnecessary equipment but is shown fitting alternatives to use that are readily available in their immediate environment.

Anyone with a goal and burning zeal to reach the sky can rely on the Jump Manual training program to realize their aerial jumping aspirations. Marveling at those awe inspiring jumps done by professional athletes is no longer a distant dream but becomes a clear possibility when using the Jump Manual training program.

My Rating for the Jump Manual would be a 4.5/5.0.  It is that good!

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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Can I Really Jump Higher with the Jump Manual?

Jump ManualThe Jump Manual will help you increase your vertical jump no matter what sport or activity you are using your jump for.  One of the most common uses of the jump manual and the vertical jump increase is in the sports of basketball and volleyball.  In the sport of basketball you will be able to dunk like you have never before.  If not, it will at least add a couple inches to your jump if you stick to the jump manual program.  Volleyball is also a good sport to increase your vertical jump as well, as you can spike over your opponents or have a jump advantage when blocking.  Of course there are other sports and other uses for a vertical jump, but these two sports are the most popular.

How can I increase my vertical jump with the Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual comes with some awesome workout techniques and a good chunk of interesting information on jumping.  First of all, you need to make sure that you go through the whole program.  You shouldn’t deviate from the jump manual program and try to make it fit for you.  You need to follow the program EXACTLY for it to work properly.

If you follow the jump manual program exactly as it says, in just a few weeks you should have some noticeable growth in your vertical jump.  The exercises and workouts in the jump manual guide are designed SPECIFICALLY for increasing your vertical jump, so don’t be scared that it won’t work.  If it doesn’t work, then you aren’t committed enough or have not done followed the program exactly as it says.  Period.  There is no way the jump manual is not going to work for you if you have gone through the whole program and have done exactly what it says.

Few tips from the Jump Manual to increase your jump


Let me give you some general tips from the jump manual on how you can increase your vertical jump.  First of all, you need to be aware that your vertical jump is just a display of how much leg muscle you have.  That is all.  So, if you cannot jump very high that just means that you do not have much leg muscle, and it is a simple fix.  You just need to work on your leg muscles for you to be able to jump higher.

BUT, you cannot just train your muscles through normal weight training and normal workouts.  You must do workouts that specify to “vertical jumping” to maximize your leg muscles for vertical growth.  When you go through the jump manual and do the workouts, you will soon develop leg muscles that are specifically for jumping and you will add several inches to your vertical jump.

According to the jump manual, you also need to know that just because you have big leg muscles does not mean that you have “power” in your legs.  For example, visualize a big rig 18-wheeler trucker running into a wall at 5 mph.  It is simply too big and too slow to do any damage or impact.  Now imagine a small 500 pound car running into a wall at 50 mph.  Ouch.  Power does not mean strength.  Power = Strength AND Speed.

So the secret behind the jump manual is something called “explode.”  This is when your muscles go from inactive to totally and fully active with tremendous speed.  This is how you will achieve increase in your vertical jump and how you will be able to jump higher.

When you “explode” a certain part of a muscle, you are activating what is called the fast twitch muscles.  What this fast twitch muscle does is that it allows for full speed and power in a short amount of time.  This is exactly what we want to achieve, and the Jump Manual emphasizes this a lot to increase your vertical leap.

The difference between a fast twitch muscle and a slow twitch muscle, is that slow twitch muscles are basically where the “strength” comes from and fast twitch muscles are where the speed comes from.  Although, having a high vertical leap does pertain to having good and strong, fast twitch muscle, in the jump manual you will learn how to develop both of these muscles for maximum vertical jump gain.

So you want to train on your “explode” to achieve the leap that you want.  The Jump manual covers this in extreme detail.

The jump manual focuses on training this “explode” kind of movement so that you can achieve the vertical jump you have always wanted.   All you have to do is follow the program step-by-step and you are almost guaranteed to at least add a few inches to your jump.  When I first finished the jump manual I was amazed at how much higher I could jump!  I gained an extra five inches! And I could dunk!  In fact, I was so amazed that I decided to go through the program again and add a few more inches.  Make sure to check out the best program on how to increase your vertical jump today!

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